Most Expensive Michael Jordan Sneakers: From Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan 12

Being one of the top names in the history of the league, Michael Jordan's merchandise has an insane amount of value.
Let's take a look at the most expensive Jordan sneakers ever sold.

Air Jordan Silver Shoe

Speaking of rare sneakers, it doesn't get any better than these sterling silver shoes which were sold for $60,000 in an auction.

Credit: Ventured

Air Jordan 10 OVO

These shoes were released in collaboration with popular rapper Drake and a pair was sold for $100,000 to a Raptors fan.

Credit: Ventured

Air Jordan 12 "The Flu Game"

One of the biggest examples of Michael Jordan's commitment to the game was shown during "The Flu Game". These game-worn shoes were sold for a humongous $104,000.

Credit: Ventured

Air Jordan 1

Sitting at the no. 2 spot are the Air Jordan 1 signed by the great Michael Jordan himself. These sneakers were sold for a record breaking $560,000 in 2020.

Credit: Ventured

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans

The most expensive Michael Jordan brand sneakers were once again released by the Canadian rapper Drake. Made out of 100 punds of gold, they are reportedly worth $2 million!

Credit: Ventured

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