nfl gameweek five: Top Plays of the week!

The NFL 2021 season is picking up steam. With week five in the books, here are the top five plays from this blockbuster game week.

Nick Chubb’s Touchdown

Cleveland Browns’ Nick Chubb covers over 50 yards to score a magnificent touchdown 

Brady-Brown combo

Tom Brady throws a delightful pass to Antonio Brown, who races to the end zone with blistering pace.

Joey Franchise special

Bengals QB Joe Burrow throws a bomb to Chase Young, who keeps his cool and catches it perfectly, resulting in the perfect touchdown

Saints Miraculous Touchdown

Jameis Winston throws the ball from the line of scrimmage into the end zone for a beautiful 50+ yard touchdown.

Best Catch of the season

Arizona Cardinals’ Rondale Moore caught a high throw from Kyler Murray but fell out of bounds. Upon inspection, it revealed the catch was on the field, and was one of the best seen in NFL history.

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