NFL Madden Pro Bowl 2021: Knowing the Representatives of Each Conference

With the 2021 NFL Pro Bowl going virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each conference will take each other on in a game of Madden NFL 21. The NFC & AFC will both have four representatives each who'll play a quarter each in a head-to-head format. 

The National
Football Conference

Kyler Murray is the current starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. This is his first call up for the NFL Pro Bowl 

Kyler Murray - Quarterback

Credit: Youtube/MCQ37 Highlights

Marshawn Lynch - Former RB

Credit: Youtube/NFL Throwback

'Beast Mode' is back in the Pro Bowl and he'll be looking to make some more thunderous runs down the middle of the pitch.

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams had a sensational first season with the franchise recording 9.5 sacks.

Jamal Adams - Safety

Credit: Youtube/Highlight Castle

One of the best at his sport, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace will be keen on showing off his Madden skills in this year's Pro Bowl.

Bubba Wallace - NASCAR driver

Credit: Youtube/Root Insurance

The American
Football Conference

Big Snoop is a fan of the sport & a self-styled Madden expert. And what better stage to showcase his skills than the NFL Pro Bowl

Credit: Youtube/Genesis Halftime Show

Snoop Dogg - Rapper

Deshaun Watson is one of the hottest prospects in the NFL. And if's he as good in Madden as he is on the pitch, we're in for a treat.

Credit: Youtube/Jimmmyyy

Deshaun Watson - Quarterback

The best running back in the NFL by a country mile, one can expect Derrick Henry to stack up a couple hundred yards in the 2021 Pro Bowl. 

Credit: Youtube/MNM Productions

Derrick Henry - RB 

Keyshawn Johnson is a three-time Pro Bowler himself but this one will be unlike any other he's played in before. 

Credit: Youtube/Official JaguarGator9

Keyshawn Johnson - Former WR

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