54-Year-Old Jets Cheerleader Wants Aaron Rodgers to Adopt Darkness Retreat Forever Because of a Staggering Reason

The NFL QB, Aaron Rodgers, was recently criticized following his announcement of getting associated with the New York Jets. Richard Eisen, an American television sportscaster renowned for NFL analysis in his show, "The Rich Eisen Show," has pointed fingers at the legendary QB for a baffling reason.

Eisen spat out harsh statements

As Rodgers announced that he is about to embark on his journey with the New York Jets for three consecutive years, a Jets fan, Eisen, couldn't resist but point out that it would be better if Rodgers endorsed the 'Darkness Retreat' forever.

Does Eisen question Rodgers's capability?

In a recent episode of his acclaimed show, Eisen hilariously stated that Rodgers should admire the Darkness Retreat for the rest of his life, as he hasn't played since 2018. His sudden decision to associate with the Jets as a QB in the NFL preseason might harm the team.

What is Darkness Retreat?

Darkness Retreat is a self-analyzing process where someone can cut off the connection with the external world and attempt to find eternal solace, residing in a dark area. According to the report, 39-year-old Rodgers has taken a few sessions of this retreat at the Sky Cave.

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