$260,000,000 Lamar Jackson Mighty Pleased With Undrafted 24YO ‘Broski’ Who Set the NFL World on Fire With His Double Play

Published 08/11/2023, 1:31 AM EDT

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Is Lamar Jackson truly the premier dual-threat quarterback in the NFL? This two-time Pro Bowler recently secured a lucrative contract with the Ravens, positioning him atop the list of highest-paid players for a while. The team’s substantial investment reflects their belief in Jackson’s exceptional potential, which sets him apart from the majority of quarterbacks in the league. However, even an MVP like Jackson has shown signs of frustration, evident during a recent camp where he vented by hurling his helmet to the ground. Despite this challenging week, the star QB managed to find a brief respite.

As the preseason games gain momentum, teams are putting their hidden weapons on display. This trend wasn’t lost on the Patriots, as one of their drafted players managed to capture the attention of the Pro Bowler, despite a losing performance.

Lamar Jackson shouts out the Patriots’ gem


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The Patriots recently engaged in their inaugural preseason game against the Houston Texans, a highly anticipated matchup that ultimately favored the latter team due to a disappointing performance. Despite a lackluster performance from their star quarterback, CJ Stroud, the Texans emerged victorious with a 20-9 scoreline. A disappointing start for the team, with only one athlete excelling on the field, being no other than the undrafted Malik Cunningham, who sent shockwaves all throughout the NFL world.

The lone touchdown for the Patriots was orchestrated by none other than the undrafted quarterback himself, who skillfully transitioned between two positions during the game. For the first half, he played as a wide receiver, then sat out till the fourth quarter to replace other QBs who failed to score any touchdown. His overall performance showcased 19 yards, completing 3 out of 4 passes, and an impressive 34 rushing yards from five carries, inclusive of the pivotal touchdown. A captivating video capturing this QB’s artful maneuvering and outrunning of opponents caught the attention of Lamar Jackson, who retweeted it with his own commentary, “Broski,” with three fuel emojis, praising his speed. 


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$260,000,000 Lamar Jackson Posts Cryptic Four-Word Message, Mere Hours After Being Snubbed by Players

As the Pro Bowl quarterback extends recognition to this rookie, potentially clearing a path for him to ascend to a starting role in the foreseeable future, Lamar Jackson himself grapples with palpable frustration in recent camp.

Frustrated, Jackson threw his helmet to the ground


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The Ravens have been incredibly active during the offseason, strategically acquiring sought-after talents like Odell Beckham Jr., a move that has markedly elevated the team’s status to that of a legitimate Super Bowl contender. This two-time Pro Bowler also inked a substantial 5-year extension with the team, solidifying his commitment with an exceedingly lucrative deal.

However, reports stemming from the training camp have raised eyebrows, hinting at a surprising narrative that the sessions have been disappointing from several angles. The star QB visually expressed his frustration by forcefully discarding his helmet after being thwarted by a free Blitzer. Speculation has arisen that this discontent could potentially be attributed to the novel offensive coordinator’s altered approach to the game.

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As the upcoming season draws near, the reigning league MVP undoubtedly stands poised to exert his dominance within the fiercely competitive AFC conference, presenting a formidable challenge to the reigning champions. Bolstered by a restructured roster and guided by a fresh management approach, a renewed sense of optimism has ignited among the devoted fan base, serving as a wellspring of motivation.


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