Aaron Rodgers Refuses Claim That Detroit Lions’ Defense Played the Main Part in Packers’ Loss

Aaron Rodgers made his regular Tuesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. He shared his thoughts after coming off a historic loss at the hands of their divisional rival at Ford Field, Detroit. AJ Hawk asked the QB1 about Detroit’s defense and if they had a vital role in defeating the Bays. But A-Rod had contrary beliefs.

What Aaron Rodgers said on it?

“Look, no disrespect. They did play great. I mean, they had we had you know, 40 yards offense on a mood ball up and down the field. That’s your interception off the helmet into interception about five yards, sort of, Dave. I mean, it wasn’t like, you know I didn’t play a great game.”

Aaron Rodgers added

“We still made a lot of mental mistakes, but I don’t think that really stopped us with three possessions in the first half and went up and down the field. So yeah, you know, it’s more about us, I think than them,”

A celebrity Packers fan is furious over Aaron Rodgers

After the back-to-back losses, Green Bay is in a chaotic situation. Aaron Rodgers is currently in uncharted terrain after the Packers lost their fifth game in a row. The Wisconsin fanbase has every authority to be angry over the team’s situation. Franchise superfan Lil Wayne also vented his frustration. However, he felt the team should’ve parted ways with the QB1.

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