Depleted Aaron Rodgers Heads Back To Distraught Packers Locker Room After Another Injury Blow Against Eagles

Playing through pain is a part of the life of every football player. And Aaron Rodgers is no different. He came into the game against the Philadelphia Eagles with a thumb injury. And his game ended early after another injury blow in the game.

The Aaron Rodgers injury blow

Aaron Rodgers started the Eagles game already in a great deal of pain due to the thumb injury. His game ended in the third quarter when he ran back to the locker room after a painful drive due to an apparent rib injury. 

Aaron Rodgers is already dealing with an avulsion fracture

Aaron Rodgers is already dealing with an avulsion fracture in his right thumb. Another injury could now mean that he might be missing the week 13 game against the Chicago Bears. Not good news at all for the team already down and almost out.

Will Aaron Rodgers play for Packers?

There was a lot of speculation about whether or not Aaron Rodgers would play for the Packers after the news of his thumb injury came out. But the MVP QB took the field in hopes of keeping the season alive. The Packers started off well, ending the first quarter with a one-point lead. 

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