NFL Fans Cheer as $260 Million Man Lamar Jackson Expresses Joy with a Usain Bolt-Like Run on Instagram

After months of speculation, Lamar Jackson finally agreed to a deal with the Ravens, as he will be with the Ravens Flock for the next five years. Earlier, he shared a video on social media to announce the news. Now, he shared another video to show his excitement after getting a new deal. 

Jackson’s contract with the Ravens

Per league and team sources, Jackson has signed a five-year contract worth $260 million. Moreover, he will get $185 million in guaranteed money. This contract made him the highest-paid QB in the league beating Jalen Hurts’ contract with the Eagles. 

Jackson reacts to the news

Previously, Jackson posted a video on Instagram, where he said, “You know for the last few months there’s been a lot of he say, she say, lot of nail-biting, lot of hair scratching going on. But for the next five years, it’s about to Flock going on.”

credit - Lamar Jackson Instagram

Jackson shared a running video of a fan 

credit - Lamar Jackson Instagram

Earlier, Jackson shared a funny video of a fan running like Usain Bolt after he found out about the Jackson news. In the caption of the video, he wrote, “And We not done making them Hate‼️‼️”

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