From Joe Burrow to Josh Allen; Six NFL QBs You Can Start a Franchise With

This time is believed to be the golden era of the NFL, especially when it comes to the Quarterbacks. These are the top six QBs who could start a whole new franchise. 

Joe Burrow 

In 2020, we saw him take 32 sacks in just 10 games, while he also had the Bengals rebuild. All these acts and yet he is not in his prime yet. His accuracy is believed to be top notch and also the numbers are believed to go up when he enters the big leagues. 

Justin Herbert 

He has had the greatest QB season with 4336 passing yards along with 31 touchdowns in just 15 games. This was in 2020, which was his debut season. 

Josh Allen 

Allen had a monstrous breakdown in the year 2020, where he completed 69.2 percent of his passes for 4544 yards and 37  touchdowns. 

Dak Prescott 

Prescott is unquestionably in the top 10 QB’s in the NFL right now. He has even led Dallas to their best 13-win season during his rookie year.

Trevor Lawrence 

He was amongst the top selections in the 2021 draft, but the Jaguars have been horrid. However, top NFL analysts believe in him and think he might be also amongst the top NFL QB’s. 

Aaron Rodgers 

These are his late 30’s and still he remains the MVP and many people hope that he could still manage to have his best games a few more years.

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