Lamar Jackson's Contract in Jeopardy After Russell Wilson & Kyler Murray Get Deshaun Watson Money But Unguaranteed

Jackson is probably looking at a five-year extension worth between $230 million and $245 million, but the tougher discussions may surround guaranteed money.

What Lamar Jackson said on it

"We're going to be good for the season,"

Joel Corry's Tweet on that matter

"Russell Wilson hurts Lamar Jackson trying to get a fully guaranteed contract. Ravens will surely insist that Deshaun Watson's deal is an anomaly, much like Kirk Cousins' was in 2018, after Wilson & Kyler Murray's contracts."

Lamar Jackson could still push for $190

It's not out of the realm of possibility Jackson could still push for $190 million guaranteed to rank second on that list behind Watson, though the Ravens are likely to seek something closer to the $165 million Wilson received on Thursday.

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