Controversial NFL Star Deshaun Watson Takes Advantage of Off Season by Joining America’s Favorite Pastime in Cleveland

Last year, 27-year-old quarterback Deshaun Watson returned to the NFL after missing 2 seasons due to his off-court controversies. Despite all the controversies, he fetched a great deal with the Cleveland Browns. Speaking about Cleveland, he recently had a fun time watching other sports, as he is enjoying his off-season. 

Watson’s massive contract with the Browns

In March 2022, the Browns acquired Watson from the Texans and gave him a fully guaranteed contract worth $230 million. It is still the highest guaranteed contract given to an NFL player. Certainly, his deal changed the market for quarterbacks completely, as many players are also looking for a fully guaranteed contract. 

Watson’s underwhelming return

Watson’s case regarding some serious allegations was still going on when the Browns acquired him. As a result, the NFL suspended him for 11 games at the start of the 2022 season. Then, he returned against his former team, the Texans. However, his performance failed to impress the fans and experts. 

Watson was watching NBA Playoffs

Credit - Deshaun Watson Instagram

Watson recently attended the NBA Playoffs games between Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. He attended the game with his girlfriend, Jilly Anais, who posted plenty of pictures on her Instagram. Later, Watson posted it on his Instagram stories as well. Notably, Watson also clicked a picture with Spike Lee. Safe to say, he is currently enjoying his off-season. 

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