NFL Star's Wife Takes Aim at Team's Coach for Trading Husband Right After Wedding

Have you ever seen anybody working just after his/her wedding? Does sportsman play for their team, just after wedding? No, will be the answer. But, situation is not same in NFL, a player traded just after his wedding, and it didn't go well with his wife, and she took an aim at team coach.

Who was that NFL Star who get traded just after wedding?

Darren Waller was traded from the Las Vegas Raiders to the New York Giants on Tuesday, just after wedding.

What Darren's wife Kelsey Plum said on it?

She reacted to Robert Griffin's Tweet, "Prolly cause he wasn’t invited to the wedding lol"

What was Robert Griffin's Tweet?

"Darren Waller JUST GOT MARRIED to Kelsey Plum of the Las Vegas Aces and Josh McDaniels’ wedding present was to trade him to the New York Giants. McDaniels is NOT a romantic."

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