Nine Things we learnt from Tom Brady: Man in the Arena Episode Two

During episode 2 of 'Man in the Arena’, Tom Brady talked about a lot of his experiences, including the time he realized his potential.

Brady and Milloy 

Brady had friendships with all his teammates during his rookie year, but none from his draft class are still in the NFL. During this time, one relationship that bloomed was with Lawyer Milloy.

Overconfidence led to disappointment in 2002

After winning the Super Bowl in 2002, Brady entered the following season full of confidence. They went 3-0, but a loss to San Diego Chargers led by Rodney Harrison led to them crumbling. They did not even make the playoffs.

Why Harrison signed with the Patriots

After delivering a nasty bite to the Patriots in the previous season, Rodney Harrison became a Patriots player himself. He replaced Lawyer Milloy, which did not sit very well with Brady.

Brady was ‘angry’ at Milloy’s release

Milloy's release shocked the entire team and, most importantly, Brady. During the documentary he said “For me, that was the one that hit hard,” Brady said. “I remember driving home after that happened, and I drove right over to his house. I didn’t even know what to say.”

The response to Tom Jackson’s infamous quote

The documentary also featured a quote from then-ESPN football pundit Tom Jackson. After the Bills loss, Jackson had said that the players “hate their coach.” To this, Brady had an approach of blocking the commentary.

The Patriots believed the goal-line stand against the Colts changed the season

One of the most memorable moments was a matchup between the Patriots and the Colts. Here, both teams were so evenly matched, with Peyton Manning leading the Colts. However, a goal-line stop against the Colts got the Patriots a much needed win in the 2003 season.

Brady embraced Belichick’s guidance

Although Brady was disappointed with the release of Milloy, he still genuinely appreciated Belichick for his support and guidance. 

Brady’s ‘lucky’ moment 

When the Patriots tied 29-29 against the Panthers at Super Bowl XXXVIII, there was time for one final drive. Brady disclosed that a heads-up play from Troy Brown saved him a lot of potential turnover.

Harrison’s emotional tribute to his mother

In this episode, Harrison shared some emotional thoughts. “My mom was my inspiration,” Harrison said. “She’s passed away now, but she was my inspiration. I get my strength and my toughness from her. And everything I set out to do in football, I did it because of her.”

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