“Paredes got a yellow”: NFL  Fans React As Insane Scenes In Global Event Frustrates Aaron Rodgers Best Buddy

The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. But when the soccer World Cup is on, even the hardcore NFL fans keep an eye out. When Argentina took on the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the mega-event, one of NFL icon Aaron Rodgers’ friends was left frustrated for a strange reason. Pat McAfee tweeted out his frustration during the game that witnessed some unprecedented scenes.

Pat McAfee tweeted out as the players from the two teams squared off in an unprecedented jabbing


The NFL fans reacted to the scenes

The NFL fans reacted to the scenes and most of them felt that this should happen more often. Some explained what happened to those who didn’t understand while the sport also got some new fans from the NFL community. A fan pinpointed a yellow card for the start of the brawl.

The brawl

The 88th minute of the 90. High stakes encounter. A 2-1 score and someone could cut the tension with a knife. And then it just boiled over to create some unprecedented scenes that prompted reactions even from Pat McAfee and the NFL world.

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