Retired NFL Star Rob Gronkowski’s Elder Brother Enters Jerry Jones’ $9.2 Billion Cowboys Empire

The former NFL veteran Rob Gronkowski’s elder brother, Gordie Gronkowski Jr., who unlike his brothers embraced a career in professional Baseball, recently shared a post praising the record-breaking empire of the Dallas Cowboys. His unique caption once again fuels the discussion about the empire’s facilities.

Gordie Gronkowski finds it incredible

In a recent Instagram post, the former baseball athlete shared a glimpse of the $9.2 billion empire with a caption, “Can’t wait to workout at Cowboys Fit! This facility is incredible!” showing his determination towards fitness. 

Jerry Jones's record-breaking deal

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has revolutionized the NFL world as his team’s value reached $9.2 billion, the highest among all. According to the reports presented by Sportico, the team’s 2022 valuation has increased by over 20%. 

The dramatic changes in revenue

Besides the team valuation, Jones has also brought significant growth in revenue. The team generated $1.05 billion in the previous season, which set it in the second position that crossed the valuation of $1 billion.

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