Spear, Spinebuster and More: WWE Moves Performed in the NFL

The NFL is not the cleanest sport in the world, and it often dissolves into a combat sport. There is no crazier combat sport than professional wrestling, and no one does it better than WWE. Here are six WWE moves that blew our mind when we saw them on the football field.


Roman Reigns and Edge popularized the Spear in WWE, but we often get to see this move on the gridiron as well. Usually used by defensive players to keep offensive players for moving up the field.

German Suplex

A move popularized by Brock Lesnar, the German Suplex does not have its place on the football field, but this Eagles player got absolutely tossed with a suplex.

Back Body Drop

Green Bay Packers' Allen Lazard got taken to the moon first and then dropped back first on the field. This is a move performed by names like the Undertaker and Big Show in WWE.

Brogue Kick

Sheamus' finishing move absolutely does not have a place on the football field, but no one told this to this Steelers offensive player, who shoved his boot in his opponent's face.


The move made famous by Triple H came in handy for this Atlanta Falcons defensive player, as he busted the spine of his opponent in magnificent fashion.

Suicide Dive

We often see wrestlers dive on top or through the ropes, but never have we seen a player dive above the line of scrimmage, registering an awesome visual, but awful decision.

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