The most expensive contracts in the nfl

The NFL does pay its players a great fortune. Let's check out the top and expensive contracts in the NFL. 

Dak Prescott 

Dak Prescott got $66 million as a signing bonus from the Dallas Cowboys. Well currently he earns $75 Millions. Besides that he also got $12 million in endorsement deals, which includes a major new deal with NFT platform Ethernity. 

Tom Brady 

Tom Brady was making $12 million a year ago, through his off the field payments. And currently the 44-year-old quarterback is earning $27.5 million as his on field earnings, while $45 Million as off field earnings. 

Patrick Mahomes 

Mahomes is currently earning $22.8 Millions as his on field contract, which began after he signed a ten-year extension with the Kansas City Chiefs last year. Also if looked at his off the field earnings, he earns $22 Millions. 

Aaron Rodgers 

Another player with a reworked contract, Aaron Rodgers is staying in Green Bay, earning $22.4 Millions. This 37-year-old quarterback has also got partnerships in brands like Adidas, State Farm and Fanatics which makes his off field earnings around $11 Millions. 

Trent Williams 

Trent Williams, has signed a six-year deal with the 49ers. This one was a $138 million deal.  Williams has also got traditional endorsements tagging along with him, making him earn a few more millions extra.

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