Biggest comebacks in Super Bowl history 

Since Tom Brady’s epic 25-point comeback at Super Bowl LI, we’re yet to witness a moment in NFL so stunning. But let’s look back at the best Super Bowl comebacks in history.

Super Bowl XLVI

In Super Bowl XLVI rematch, the New York Giants found themselves as underdogs facing the New England Patriots. The Giants were down to 17–9, but pulled off an incredible 21-17 win to deny Tom Brady the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXV

This time the Giants found themselves 12-3 down right before halftime. While the Bills looked like they were in the driver’s seat, the Giants beat them 20-19, after Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal.

Super Bowl XXII

The Broncos were up 10–0 over Washington after the first quarter, but two incredible interceptions from John Elway served as the impetus of a legendary comeback. Washington ended up winning the game with a magnificent 42-10 scoreline.

Super Bowl XLIV

The Indianapolis Colts led by a decent 10-0 margin against the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately for them, Drew Brees’ side retaliated and fought back to make the score 24-17. While Peyton Manning had the chance to send the game to overtime, he threw a pick-six, giving the Saints a huge win.

Super Bowl XLIX

Tom Brady had a delicious comeback ahead of Super Bowl LI, adding to his Patriot’s legacy. From a 24-14 deficit, Brady and Co rallied to win the Super Bowl by a score of 28-24. Simply legendary.

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