The Youngest Coaches In NFL History

The NFL relies on experience as a winning factor. But these young coaches have proven that notion wrong by leading their respective teams.

Sean McVay

Born on January 24, 1986, Sean McVay is the youngest head coach of the National Football League's modern era. He has coached the Los Angeles Rams since January 12, 2017.

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin was a football coach in the National Football League (NFL) from 2000 to 2008. He served as a head coach for Oakland Raiders. 

Harland Svare

Harland Svare played linebacker and helped take the Giants to three NFL championship games in the 1950s. He became, at the time, the youngest head coach in the N.F.L when the Los Angeles Rams hired him in 1962.

John Michelosen 

John Michelosen was an American football player as well as coach. He served as the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League from 1948 to 1951, compiling a record of 20–26–2. 

Raheem Morris 

Raheem Morris has been the defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams since 2021. Prior to this season, he coached New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, and Atlanta Falcons for nineteen seasons.

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