Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes & Josh Allen Get Into an insane Trash Talk Battle Before “The Match”

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen will be joining Patrick Mahomes and facing off against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the latest version of The Match on June 1, so you’d expect plenty of trash talk ahead of their golf matchup.

Brady posted a golf video and wrote

“This is why you film every shot on the course,”

How Patrick Mahomes reacted on Brady's video

 “Not gonna lie pretty impressive… too bad you wasted it a week early…”

What Josh Allen reacted on that

“Ba Ba Ba Bullshit”

Aaron Rodgers brushed it off

“When we started [in the NFL], definitely when [Brady] started and when I started playing, there was actual, real trash talk,”

Aaron Rodgers added

“Like, guys trash talked each other and there was a lot of good s— talk, and we knew who they were around the league.”

Aaron Rodgers Concluded

“And now, it’s more buddy-buddy, you know, social media following each other, memes, this emoji s—, and it’s not the same. So, when you talk about Kermit the Frog [Mahomes, per memes] and Josh [Allen] trying to s— talk me and Tom, a couple old-school, grizzled vets. Come on.”

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