Tom Brady Lists 4 Mental Tricks For Achieving Greatness

At 40 years old, Brady is the oldest active quarterback in the NFL and one of the oldest players in the league, according to, and says he has his mental toughness to thank for his successful career.

Focus on your strengths

“I wish I had did at 22 years old what I was doing for the last 10 years. I just didn’t know any better,”

Always treat practice like a game

“If I don’t treat practice like a game, there’s no way coaches will let me play in an actual game,”

Train your brain

“Another way to keep our brain as healthy as possible is to ensure they get the right amount of exercise through cognitive training,”

Turn negatives into positives

“If I don’t play my best, why am I disappointed? Because I could’ve, should’ve played better, done better, worked harder, prepared more,”

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