Rob Gronkowski Has One Exclusive Condition For His Return to the NFL

Tom Brady's unretiring led to the presumption that the quarterback's BFF, Rob Gronkowski, would likewise return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So far, Gronk isn't ready to declare his intentions -- not yet, at least. Let's have a look at the whole story.

What Rob Gronkowski said on this

"I knew if I started catching some passes that my head would have started turning, like, 'Oh, crap, I got to get back out on the field,'" 

Rob Gronkowski added

"And, right now, I'm not ready to get back out on that field. I'm not ready to commit to the game of football right now."

Brady's comeback connected to Rob's decision

Brady coming back surely changed the calculus for Gronk somewhat, but the TE is still working through his own decision. Though he's a free agent, the Bucs have said they plan to keep the door open for Gronk's potential return -- and the TE has said multiple times he doesn't plan to catch passes from anyone but TB12.

What is Rob Gronkowski's decision on the comeback

As per Dov Kleiman's tweet, if Rob Gronkowski will come back so it would only be to play with Tom Brady.

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