Bobby Wagner, the veteran linebacker, will stay with the NFC West for the upcoming seasons. After he signed the contract on Monday afternoon, Wagner officially entered Seattle’s biggest rivals in the West. The six-time All-Pro was signed by the Los Angeles Rams, for a five-year, $50 million deal. 

It would be exciting to see Wagner facing his home team twice this year, and the veteran has promised that it won’t be a quiet game. Surprisingly, the Rams were not the only team that went after the free agent. 


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Baltimore Ravens offered Bobby Wagner more money

According to the NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the $50 million deal offered by the Rams was not the only offer made to him. The Baltimore Ravens offered Wagner an $18 million fully guaranteed salary in the first two years, which he turned down. While the Rams assured him a $17.5 million salary for the first two years and a chance to earn incentives worth $6 million additionally.

Moreover, Los Angeles happens to be Wagner’s hometown, and getting a chance to play at his home alongside his parents attracted Wagner more than accepting the Ravens’ higher offer. 

Owing to all these reasons, the 31-year-old rejected Ravens and an opportunity to play alongside the former MVP and a young quarterback Lamar Jackson, signing a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams.

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While talking to the media, Wagner expressed his happiness at getting a chance to play in front of his parents, which he wasn’t able to do during his tenure with the Seahawks.  “I haven’t been able to play consistently in front of my family since high school. They always had to get on a plane. Now it’s a drive. I’m excited to be in front of my family, be closer to home and re-establish myself.” Wagner said in the interview.

Wagner’s current contract with the LA Rams

Later the same day, a media outlet reported the details of Wagner’s contract. It stated the Rams LB will get a $6.5 million salary in 2022 and $3.5 million guaranteed in 2023. Moreover, he shall receive bonuses and other compensation along with the contract.

Wagner, who has no agent and represents himself, took to Twitter to respond to the reports, suggesting that they were not accurate. So far, the Rams haven’t disclosed any details about the deal.

Wagner vows not to keep quiet when he faces off against the Seahawks

Rams being one of the biggest rivals of the Seahawks in the West, it would be a great opportunity for the linebacker to prove his worth. Having known his NFL home team for the past ten years inside out, the Rams will try to use him as a weapon to decipher their strategies.


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However, Wagner also mentioned that getting back at the Seahawks wasn’t his sole motivation for signing with the Rams. “I don’t have that much hate in my heart,” Wagner told the reporters present at the meet. But it seems the linebacker is still upset with the Seahawks’ front office for not informing him personally about his release. 

“I’ll make sure they know where I am. It won’t be a quiet game for me.” Wagner clarified his intentions against the Seahawks in the upcoming season. He was released by the team (Seattle Seahawks) on March 8, saving $16.6 million instantly in the salary cap space.


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When he signed a contract extension with the Seahawks in 2019, Wagner became the highest-paid linebacker in NFL history. On average, he made $18 million per year. However, things have changed now. Either way, it will be exciting to see how Wagner will re-establish his position in the LA Rams.

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