Tom Brady’s Interaction With Former Archrival Makes NFL World Go Nuts Amidst Suffering 5th Defeat Of The Season

The 45-year-old had nothing to prove and plenty to lose by coming back from retirement. And now he’s stuck with a team that looks unable to support him. However, the recent video of Tom Brady on Twitter surprised the netizens.

What sources said on it?

"Tom Brady greeting Richard Sherman with a big hug, along with Ryan Fitzpatrick to Raymond James Stadium."

Sources added 

"Brady looks like he wishes Sherman could suit up for the Bucs given the injuries to their secondary. Bucs missing 4 DB's tonight."

The Bucs now sit at 3-4

The Bucs now sit at 3-4 with the Ravens and Rams on the horizon and almost no signs of life from Brady, his teammates and coaching staff.

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