“Who Made These 50 People the Voices of God..”: NFL Insider Blasts Hall of Fame Jury’s Call on Shannon Sharpe’s Ex-Boss

Recently, the NFL announced its 2024 class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Surprisingly, the former Denver Broncos head coach, Mike Shanahan, did not get inducted, despite being a nominee in the coach/contributor category and having contributed massively to the NFL.

For sports writer and reporter Adam Schefter, Shanahan is the Hall of Famer!

ESPN's Adam Schefter went ballistic about Mike Shanahan not being in the Hall Of Fame 2024. He expressed his disappointment while speaking on Schlereth and Evans show, "I think it's a bunch of BS. Mike Shanahan is a Hall of Famer yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

Adam Schefter shows his disappointment

The ESPN journalist was not upset with the voters who kept Shanahan out of the Hall of Fame. Instead, he was more upset with the voting process because only one coach or contributor gets selected for every Hall of Fame class, making voting extremely difficult.

Adam Schefter raises questions bout the system

Schefter, who did not take the news well, expressed his dissatisfaction and said, "I mean, it's ridiculous. Who made these 50 people the voices of God and the deciders of fate? Like, who comes up with these stupid rules?"

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