SERENA WILLIAMS VS MARIA Sharapova: The salty rivalry at Wimbledon championships

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have a history of on and off-court rivalry. 
The tennis stars first met at the Wimbledon Championship. 
Let's have a look at the events that have led to this never-ending rivalry. 


2004 Wimbledon Finals

The 17-year-old new tennis champion met the 23-year-old tennis star at the Wimbledon finals of 2004. 
Maria shockingly defeated Serena.  However, after the match, Serena claimed she didn't even perform her 20% level and that is why Maira won.

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When Serena talked about Maria's personal life

A reporter overheard Serena talking about Maria's personal life. After the report came out Serena apologised to Maria personally and also mentioned about in an interview.

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Maria attacking back at Serena

While Maria accepted her apology, but she also mentioned things about Serena's personal life increasing the tension between the two.

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Serena's 2015 Wimbledon revenge

After defeating Serena in 2004 Wimbledon and WTA championship, Maria never won any match against Serena. In 2015 Serena finally got the chance to take her 2004 Wimbledon revenge. She defeated Maria.

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Heading 2

Maria's autobiography

In her book, Maria mentioned alot of things about Serena. She explained why she was not able to defeat her anymore. She looked back to 2004 and said she saw Serena crying post the Wimbledon match. According to Maria, Serena got offended because Maria saw her crying.

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