Rafael Nadal’s Insane Body Transformation Over the Past 20 Years

From a slim newcomer to having one of the strongest biceps in tennis. Here is Rafael Nadal's transformation in the process of becoming a teenage Grand Slam champion to holding 20 Grand Slams.

Rafael Nadal just before he turned pro

14-year-old skinny Rafael Nadal in 2001 won a tournament and in the end signed some autographs as well. 

14-year-old Rafael Nadal

Credit: Youtube/AU Sports

16-year-old Rafael Nadal gets his first top five win

At Hamburg masters in 2003, Rafael Nadal beat his current coach Carlos Moya. As a 16-year-old, Nadal was a talent but nowhere close to the heavy physique of today.

A young upcoming talent

Credit: Youtube/Tennis TV

Rafael Nadal's first Grand Slam title

Nadal won the French Open in 2005 as an 19-year-old. It was a French Open main draw debut for Nadal. The bulging biceps with his iconic long hair and sleeveless shirt stayed on.

Nadal with long hair and sleeveless t-shirt

Credit: Youtube/JOTennis Vid

Nadal's bulks up even more in quest for Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal finally won Wimbledon in 2008 and in the process, had already built a muscular body.

Nadal's quest for Wimbledon

Credit: Youtube/Wimbledon

Nadal's career Grand Slam at US Open 2010

Nadal achieved the career Grand Slam at the 2010 US Open. Along with strong arms, Rafa had overall built a muscular upper body.

Nadal the fittest in Men's tennis in 2010.

Credit: Youtube/Minnie's World

Rafael Nadal achieves the 'La Decima' in 2017

Despite injury troubles in the previous seasons, Nadal fully maintained his muscular body to win a 10th French Open and many more.

Unbelievable achievement!

Credit: Youtube/Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal now

Nadal has fully focused on his fitness and has tried to maintain a similiar bulk to his younger days. This has helped in winning his 20th Grand Slam.

At 34, Nadal going strong

Credit: Youtube/Roland Garros

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