Rare Times When WWE Superstar John Cena Went Rated-R

John Cena has lived by the motto of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect throughout his WWE Career, but there have been times when the 'Champ' has gone done Rated-R stuff.

Today, we look at the rare moments when Cena got Rated-R

John Cena Spanks Stephanie Mcmahon

Cena went complete Rated-R during his early days. Not only did he crack sexual jokes, but also spanked Stephanie McMahon!

Credit: YouTube/wwe power video

Drug Dealer Cena!

John Cena made a cameo appearance in the 2015 film Sisters where he played the role of 'Pazuzu' - a tattooed drug dealer!

Credit: YouTube/Movieclips

John Cena gets naked!

John Cena and his ex-girlfriend Nikki Bella celebrated 500K subscribers on their Youtube Channel by going naked!

Credit: YouTube/The Bella Twins

John Cena talks dirty at a press conference

A young fan asked Cena what his favorite food was and the 'Champ' answered with an adult joke. Poor child!

Credit: YouTube/The Fumble

John Cena Pees on
Peoples Grave

Cena in an attempt to tick The Undertaker off peed on random graves. Talk about going the extra mile!

Credit: YouTube/Condud1