$220 Million Richer Than Ex Gerard Pique, Shakira’s Diss Track Added Another $2.5 Million to Her Net Worth

It is safe to say that the break-up has been beneficial for Shakira, at least financially. She has managed to capitalize on the situation and turn it into something profitable. These numbers are sure to keep on growing thanks to the recent diss track with Karol G. The song titled ‘TQG’  has also seen a positive reaction from the Colombian singer's fans. Since their breakup, they have split everything, including their financial assets

Shakira on the rise Financially after the break up

The Colombian singer now situates at a net worth of over $300 million, while the ex-Barcelona star has a net worth of $80 million. Ever since the break-up, Shakira has seen a rise in her earnings, mostly thanks to her diss track.

Shakira fans go berserk for the disstrack

Shakira released a diss track towards Gerard Pique titled ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’. The song instantly became a hit, breaking records for viewership on YouTube and topping the charts on Spotify.

shakira's original networth boosts up thanks to disstrack

 The song has helped Shakira earn 512,000 dollars from YouTube, 500,000 dollars from Amazon, 360,000 dollars from Spotify, and 1,200,000 dollars from Apple. In total, that’s more than $2.5 million in earnings – all thanks to her diss track.

'kings league soccer' brings in success for gerard pique. 

 Although there is major fan hate for the Barca legend and his new girlfriend, he has still been able to capitalize on his popularity by creating a new format of soccer called the ‘Kings League’. This league has even spawned a female counterpart called the ‘Queens League’. Pique has also secured sponsorship deals with Renault and Casio.

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