Shakira recently moved to the US with her children. Her departure has raised many questions regarding Gerard Pique’s future involvement in their lives. Recently, the soccer veteran’s legal firm clarified that Pique will continue to meet his children as per the ‘separation agreement’.

The singer’s move to Miami has caused several tweaks in the legal agreement. However, it is safe to say that the FC Barcelona legend will get a fair share of time with Milan and Sasha throughout the year.

Let’s take a deeper look at what Pique’s law firm specified about the agreement.


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Pique’s lawyer explains separation agreement clauses

Ramon Tamborero confirmed that Shakira hasn’t gained an unfair advantage by moving out of Spain. He surprisingly revealed that the kids have moved to the US to simply avoid a judicial process. He said, “Actually, no one has won here except the children”. As per the agreement, Milan and Sasha will spend their three vacation breaks every academic year ‘fully’ with their father.

Those three breaks are namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Apart from that, the agreement allows the soccer veteran to keep his kids for ten days a month. During the summer vacations, the portion of vacation days will be split as 70-30% in favor of Pique. Every detail on the agreement is from La Vanguardia.

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As long as Pique follows the strict schedule and the number of days, he is permitted to take the children wherever he wants. He can fly to the US and take them back to Spain as well for the stipulated period of time. However, if FC Barcelona veteran relocates to America, the clauses in this agreement will not be valid anymore. The former celebrity couple will have to agree on a new custody regime.

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While the custody agreement is neatly in place, there is one such condition that Pique’s lawyer didn’t speak about at all.

Shakira wants nothing to do with Clara Chia Marti!


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Last month, popular Spanish journalist Jordi Martin revealed that one major condition in the agreement. As per the report, he said, “The condition is that he sees the children without Clara Chia in Miami”. The Colombian singer reportedly wants Milan and Sasha to have absolutely no interaction with the 23-year-old.

But this situation might get a little tougher in the future. That is mainly because Pique is reportedly planning on tying the knot with Clara Chia Marti. If that happens, it could become extremely difficult for the soccer veteran to keep his kids away from his new partner. The jury is still out there on whether Gerard Pique will travel all the way to the USA to meet his kids.


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