“And F**k a Lot” – Shakira’s Ex Gerard Pique Gives His Advise to ‘Young People’

Lbai Llanos posted a shocking snippet on TikTok. Unsurprisingly, Pique was the main subject of the video. The two of them were seemingly on the set to shoot a live stream for the Kings League. However, the Spanish streamer took the opportunity to ask the soccer veteran a question off-camera.While the official cameras were off, Llanos still cunningly recorded Pique’s response. The streamer asked the soccer veteran to give advice to the younger generation. Llanos asked, “Gerard, give advice to young people today”,

Without any hesitation pique said, “Let them live life, man. And f**k a lot” 

Without any hesitation, he said, “Let them live life, man., And f**k a lot”. Pique had a huge smile on his face while saying these lines. Both of them eventually burst out into laughter. Since then, the soccer veteran has become the center of discussion again.

Gerard Pique and his new partner, Clara Chia Marti, have been facing controversy over shakira's new dis track

Their controversial relationship still raises quite a few eyebrows on social media. The two of them have also had quite a few awkward interactions with journalists. Chia Marti once ran into a billboard while trying to escape from a journalist with Pique. The dark humorous situation might be amusing to some but has caused Clara Chia a stressful life.

Ibai Llanos reacts to new Shakira – Pique reference in the Bizarrap track

Bizarrap is recently in the limelight for his new track with Arcangel. Austin Santos aka Arcangel is a popular rapper and songwriter. The Puerto Rican star has been struggling with severe heart problems in the last few years. However, it is safe to say that the rapper is back with a bang. In the lyrics, Bizarrap has slyly slid in a taunt against Gerard Pique.Twitch streamer, Ibai Llanos recently posted a reaction video on YouTube

Gerard Pique is currently in Miami visiting Shakira and the kids!

A few hours ago, Gerard Pique visited America for the first time to meet his kids. As per the separation agreement, the Spanish soccer legend can visit Milan and Sasha for ten days. However, recent reports claim that the soccer veteran will only stay in Miami till May 1. This was simply because Shakira raised a concern before her ex-boyfriend flew to Miami.

pique recently went on a vacation with clara chia marti to an exotic DESTINATION unknown to journalists

The Colombian singer claimed that Milan and Sasha had spent time with their father at the beginning of April. Hence, she didn’t agree to let the soccer veteran take the kids away for ten days at a stretch this time. Pique will seemingly live in a hotel as he doesn’t have any accommodation in America. 

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