andy Murray, nicholas  kyrgios, Johanna konta and Tomas berdych savagely ripping tennis reporters at Wimbledon

Sometimes Tennis stars have to go through some unexpected and unwanted questions from the reporters. 
Let's have a look at the moments when players gave savage replies at the Wimbledon Championships.


Nick Kyrgios 

When during an interview a reporter asked Kyrgios about him swearing during the match. 
While Kyrgios had used the term ' Horrendous job'. 
Nick fired back at the reporter for attacking him when he did not swear.

Credits: YoutubePaulMartin

 Andy Murray

During an interview when the reporter said Sam is the first US player to reach the major semi-final, Andy corrected him for forgetting the US women who had already reached that feat.

Credits: YoutubePaulMartin

Nick Kyrgios

When a reporter asked a question about an incident but didn't have full knowledge about it, Nick told him to do his research. When the reporter asked if Nick could tell him, he said "No it's not my job".

Credits: YoutubePaulMartin

Tomas Berdych

When a reporter asked Tomas  Berdych if his form his good going into the quarter-finals. Berdych asked if he is trying make a fun of him.

Heading 2

Credits: YoutubePaulMartin

Johanna Konta

When Johanna had an exit from Wimbledon, a reporter tried to pick her up on her game. Konta hit back at him for patronizing and being disrepectful to her.

Credits: Youtube/Wimledon

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