how roger Federer became roger Federer-the story of the swiss maestro

Roger Federer has been synonymous to the tennis sport for decades now. At a very young age, Federer had found his love for the sport. Let's have a look at his childhood journey to becoming a legend. 

14-year-old Federer

Since the age of 14, Federer has enjoyed playing tennis. 

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16-year-old Federer

Federer decided to quit school at the age of 16 to focus on the tennis sport.

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Ball Boy

Young Federer served as the ball bay in tennis matches to know the players better. 

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1st Tour Title

Roger Federer clinched his first tour-level title on the 4th February 2001. 

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Federer's motivation

For the tennis legend, his biggest motivation to keep going is his fans. 

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