Tennis legend Rafael Nadal has suffered a lot of injuries in his long career. However, he always managed to bounce back. 
Let's have a look at his worst injuries. 

2012 Wimbledon

In 2012 Rafael had serious knee issues. After his fall during the match, his injury got worse.

Credits: YoutubeNadalTop10

2018 Australian Open

During the Australian Open Quarter Finals, Nadal had to retire after 5 sets due to injury.

Credits: YoutubeNadalTop10

2016 Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal came to win his 10th title, but due to his wrist injury, he had to retire. 

Credits: YoutubeNadalTop10

2014 Australian Open

2014 was a tough year for Nadal. However, he still played the Australian Open final match despite the back injury.

Credits: YoutubeAustralianopentv

2018 US Open

Another tweener

Another tweener

Due to his knee problem Spaniard had to retire in the semi-finals. 

Credits: YoutubeUSOpentennischampionship

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