WHen rafael nadal,roger federer, steffi graf, and others received marriage proposals 
Durin Grand Slams

Tennis stars are admired by a plethora of fans from all around the world. Sometimes tennis stars even receive marriage proposals on the court. Let's have a look at the moments. 

Roger Federer

Roger Federer got a marriage proposal from a fan.

Credits: YoutubeWivoRnproductions

Andy Murray

Andy Murray got a proposal from young fan on the court.

Credits: YoutubeWivoRnproductions

Maria Sharapova

A fan asked Maria Sharapova if she will marry him?

Credits: YoutubeWivoRnproductions

Rafael Nadal

A fan-made Rafael Nadal blush, as she asked him if he will marry him?

Credits: YoutubeWivoRnproductions

Steffi Graf

When a fan asked Steffi Graf if she will marry him, she then asked him how much money does he have?

Credits: YoutubeWivoRnproductions

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