When Serena Williams Received a Special Gift From NBA Legend Michael Jordan After Her 23rd Grand Slam Victory

After winning her 23rd record-breaking Grand Slam victory, Serena Williams received a special gift from the NBA legend Michael Jordon. 
Let's have a look at the moments.

Serena's 23rd win

In 2017 Australian Open, Serena Williams clinched her 23rd Grand Slam victory.

Credits: YoutubeKP

Surprise from a fan

During an interview, Serena received a huge box as a surprise from an accomplished fan. 

Credits: YoutubeESPN

Michael Jordon's message to Williams

The fan is no one else but Basketball legend, Michael Jordon. Serena reads the message by Jordon.

Credits: YoutubeESPN

Serena gets customized shoes

Michael Jordon gifts Serena Williams customized shoes in her favorite colors.

Credits: YoutubeESPN

Serena Williams thank you message

Another tweener

Another tweener

Serena Williams can't believe she is saying thank you to Micahel Jordon referring him to as the 'Greatest'.

Credits: YoutubeESPN

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