Bobby Green Call Out Lebron James

UFC lightweight star Bobby Green recently had some sharp words for National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James. Green is set to fight Grant Dawson at UFC Fight Night 229 on Saturday. Once he found out that the nickname of his opponent was ‘King Grant Dawson’, he prompted him to say that he alone was the king. Also, forward of Los Angeles, Lankers LeBron James, too, uses ‘King’ in front of his name, which made Green comment on him too.

Bobby Green’s message for LeBron

James Bobby Green, who recently gained victory over Tony Ferguson, said why he had an upper hand over James, “If LeBron wanted to fight with me, it wouldn’t be close,” Green said. “He’s a big dude, but he doesn’t have the skills. I’m sorry. Skills pay the bills, sir.”

Further, he added, “In a drop of a dime. In a heartbeat, without even thinking about it. Hell yeah. I’ll wax his ass!”

The physique of the two stars

Bobby Green weighs 155 lbs on a 5ft 10 frame. James has a 6 ft 9 on 250 lb frame. 

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