Conor McGregor Picks Sides in ‘Barbie vs Oppenheimer’ Debate as UFC Star Requests for “Two Tickets” for Blockbuster Movie

Published 07/27/2023, 4:27 AM EDT

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UFC Lightweight fighter Conor McGregor has been facing harsh criticism from the fans for a while now. Although he is by far one of the most popular martial artists across the globe, McGregor’s recent controversies have earned him the ire of the MMA community.

The Irishman is currently one of the most influential people in MMA. He amassed a huge following, thanks to his witty comebacks and his ability to back that up with a mean left hook. He has a way of teasing his opponents and getting the best of them eventually. However, this time, it seems he has decided to tease his fans.

Movie Buff McGregor? Conor McGregor uploads Insta story about watching this movie


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UFC fighters also like to enjoy their time away from the ring. Some like to indulge in other activities and sports, while some like to enjoy a good movie. Conor McGregor confirmed that he is of the latter kind when he uploaded an Instagram story teasing the fans.

The caption read: “Two tickets to Barbie please

Fans saw the Irishman riding in a swanky convertible car along with another person in the photo that he uploaded.

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The movie Barbie, that released recently competes with the highly anticipated flick Oppenheimer. Both movies gained a lot of traction due to their acclaimed cast and crew. People have been flocking to the theatres to watch both movies. Additionally, McGregor is the latest name to join the bandwagon.

Whether he actually ends up going for the movie or not is still to be seen. Nevertheless, the Irishman has recently been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Conor McGregor’s recent row of controversies

McGregor’s Instagram story about the movie Barbie might mean one of two things. Either the UFC fighter is really excited to watch the movie that everyone seems to be excited about, or he might be poking some good fun at it.

McGregor hasn’t exactly been in the best books with some fans. First, McGregor missed the USADA pool this year and failed to return. He was scheduled to fight his old TUF rival Michael Chandler and the fans were really looking forward to seeing the Lightweight fighter back in action again. 


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Then, McGregor ended up punching the Miami Heat’s mascot, Bernie. The mascot had to be hospitalized after the segment. However, UFC President Dana White seemed to back up McGregor and didn’t seem to think that a mascot asking to be punched by a UFC fighter is a smart idea.


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Will fans roast McGregor for his latest Instagram story? Or could it be that Conor McGregor is actually excited about watching this flick starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, among others? Let us know in the comments section below.

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