Cedric Doumbe Disses UFC

The former kickboxer and PFL fighter Cedric Doumbe recently made a stunning debut at the PFL. He knocked out Jordon Zebo in just nine seconds in the SmartCage in Paris. The former kickboxer was expected to sign a contract with UFC but eventually joined the rival platform PFL.

Cedric Doumbe takes a dig at the UFC

After his Paris victory, Doumbe said, “They f***ed up. It is what it is. Now I’m part of the PFL. For me, PFL is the future. They are doing very great. We’ve got Francis [Ngannou] now. He’s part of the team. I’m part of the future, we are changing something. We are doing something great.”

Further, he added, “So I didn’t even think about [the UFC]. They are doing their thing, I’m doing my thing. I think I’m the best, they lost something. Now PFL earned something, so it is what it is.”

Who else puts weight behind PFL

Former UFC champion Francis Ngannou is set to make his PFL debut after his boxing bout against Tyson Fury in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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