Conor McGregor: Best Moments of the UFC Star from The Ultimate Fighter

The Irishman had much to offer during his time in The Ultimate Fighter with Team McGregor and Faber. From celebrating the wins to trash-talking, let's look at the best moments that McGregor had to offer.


McGregor in a Scuffle

Cody Garbrandt and McGregor got involved in a scuffle after Cody stood up to defend his teammate Dillashaw who was being trash-talked. 


Lobov vs Jenkins

McGregor climbed up the octagon boundary with excitement to celebrate Lobov's win after landing hard-hitting moves on his opponent.


Urijah Faber vs
McGregor Clash

Both these fighters had something to say about each other, but it was when Faber jokingly asked McGregor about his "high heels" 5he Irishman had a fitting reply to give.


McGregor Ripping
His Pants

The Irishman ripped his pants on the ultimate fighter while celebrating Artem's win. He even later went off for a face-off with Jose Aldo and recorded it in his ripped trousers.

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