‘This is Why People…’: Jorge Masvidal Asserts 19-Year-Old Mike Tyson Put Boxing on ‘Red Alert’ in His ‘Greatest’ Performance

Published 09/23/2022, 7:30 PM EDT

Mike Tyson was one of the best heavyweights boxers the sport had ever seen back in the day. During his prime, there were only a select few who could match the tenacity and ferociousness of Iron Mike as he knocked out every opponent put in front of him. This would result in him being crowned as the youngest heavyweight champion ever at just 20 years old.

Even as a teenager, Tyson was a level above his competitors. He was constantly put in matches with men far older than him. However, this wouldn’t matter much, as Tyson has no trouble knocking out opponents twice his age. This was on full display during his bout against Sammy Scaf back in 1985. A 19-year-old Tyson would knock out Scaf in the first round, breaking his nose and spilling blood everywhere.


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The clash went down as an iconic display of Tyson’s boxing ability and is still talked about to this day. Moreover, UFC Welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal recently uploaded a video of this fight on his Facebook page. He even claimed that this was the reason people considered Iron Mike to be the best heavyweight ever. “This is why people believe #MikeTyson is the greatest Heavyweight! ” he wrote.

It looks like Masvidal is certainly a fan of Tyson and his knockout ability. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as ‘Gamebred’ also has his fair share of iconic knockouts.


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The welterweight title challenger gave the fans one of the best knockouts in UFC’s history in his bout against Ben Askren. Masvidal knocked out Askren in 5 seconds with a flying knee, making it the fastest knockout in UFC’s history.

Mike Tyson isn’t interested in watching Jake Paul box


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Tyson recently got a chance to watch YouTube sensation Jake Paul training for his upcoming fight against Anderson Silva. There was speculation about a bout between the two taking place, with both fighters even calling each other out. However, when Iron Mike got a chance to watch The Problem Child in action at legendary trainer Freddie Roach’s gym, he wasn’t too interested in watching him box.

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In an interview with Fight Hype, Roach claimed that Tyson left the gym after 30 seconds of watching Paul spar. “Tyson looked at him and left. He watched 30 seconds of him sparring and left,” said Roach. Although Tyson might not be interested in watching the YouTuber box, Paul does have the opportunity to prove his worth as a boxer against Silva on October 29th.


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It is worth noting, however, that Paul rubbished any such claims of being at Roach’s gym; he was confident that Tyson wouldn’t act as Roach suggested and, in fact, hit back at him for spreading false rumors.

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