Conor McGregor reveals 'everything of the year' UFC moment

“Rocky” defeated Usman and became the first man to ever do so in the octagon. The fighter has been praised by the Irishman for his stunning victory. What more did McGregor say about Edwards, let's find out.


Edwards has been recently praised and nominated by the UFC for his master skills and victory against Usman and becoming the second British title holder in UFC history after Michael Bisping.

What is the Issue?

Leon Edwards became the first man to defeat Kamaru Usman. He defeated Usman via a head-kick knockout and honored the Irishman by celebrating with his billionaire strut.

What Does McGregor
Think of Edwards?

Conor McGregor expressed that the knockout of Kamaru Usman by Edwards at UFC 278 should win all the awards.

What Did McGregor Say?

The UFC recently nominated Edwards for 'Comeback of the Year' to which the Irishman came to praise Edwards and expressed that Edwards' win is worthy of a lot more. 

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