‘That Was the Dumbest Thing I’ve Heard in My F*cking Life’: Dana White Shredded Into Pieces by Logan Paul’s Best Friend Over ‘Least Talented’ Soccer Remarks

Published 12/18/2022, 7:43 AM EST

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Currently, the FIFA World Cup has the attention of the entire world. France and Argentina will face off in the championship match in an effort to write sports history. UFC president Dana White once made a comment about soccer that may have angered soccer supporters. Mike Majlak, a close friend of American Youtuber Logan Paul, had a prompt retort to what White had said.

A recent discussion between Logan Paul and his podcast co-hosts Mike Majlak and Jorge Janko focused on Dana White’s remarks regarding soccer. The UFC president claims: “I can’t stand soccer. I think that it’s the least talented sport on Earth.”


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Majlak responded to this immediately by exclaiming, “That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my f*cking life. I believe soccer to be one of the most athletic, skilled sports on the planet. And it is one of the most exciting spectacles I have ever seen.” 

The resurfaced Dana White clip has sparked intense debate online. Football is one of the most well-liked and watched sports in the world, or soccer as White calls it. Football is viewed in almost every part of the world. Many people won’t concur with White’s comments about the game.

When Logan Paul took a step forward to end the ‘Soccer vs. Football’ debate 

‘The Maverick’ had a fierce rivalry with British Youtuber KSI back in the day. The two even engaged in two boxing fights. They eventually patched things up and started a business together. ‘Prime Hydration’ is an energy drink brand founded by Paul and KSI. It immediately gained a lot of popularity in the US and the UK since its launch.

Not too long ago, Paul offered a deal to his business partner and said, “Hey @KSI if USA wins today, we get an exclusive flavor of Prime. If UK wins, y’all get an exclusive flavor of Prime. Deal?”


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Even KSI responded to this and wrote, “LMAO DEAL. You’re not winning though.”

Eventually, the match was a tie, and the two decided that they will introduce a new flavor in both US and UK.


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In addition, Prime Hydration is also the official drink of the popular football club Arsenal. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts about Dana White calling soccer the least talented sport? Share your opinions in the comments below.   


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