UFC World in Total ‘Denial’ of ‘Sad’ Joe Rogan News

We are all aware of the craze and following that Joe Rogan has, but what about when Rogan decides to retire? What will be the fan's reaction? Why is going to be the future of UFC? Let's take a look.


Rogan recently expressed a little about his plans and why and when the commentator will decide to take a backseat from UFC.

What Did Rogan Say?

In a recent episode of 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, Rogan talked about his contract with the UFC and when he would decide to leave.

What Was in the Contract?

Rogan further expressed that he would leave the company when President Dana White retires. He further expressed that he has agreed to it contractually. 

Fan's Reaction

The fans took to social media to share their reactions and express how they would feel if Rogan decided to leave. A number of fans expressed that they do not want either of them to leave the company, fans calling it a sad day “Will be a sad day when they are both gone from UFC” to “I’m in denial that day will ever come”.

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