Dustin Poirier Claims He Is “Better” Than Justin Gaethje Despite Losing BMF Championship at UFC 291

Discover Dustin Poirier, reflecting on his loss against Justin Gaethje at UFC 291. The UFC star lost to Gaethje by a devastating head kick. Though Dustin Poirier was supremely confident about his win over Poirier to win the BMF title, but Gaethje’s magic dashed his hopes. Deriving confidence from his past victory in 2018 against Gaethje, ‘ The Diamond’ couldn’t be sucessful against whom he had  the “reckless fighter.” Explore how the defeat against Gaethje pained Poirier more than his loss against Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

Dustin Poirier on why BMF title loss was more painful 

While talking to the journalist Ariel Helwani, Poirier said that he believed Nurmagomedov was a better fighter than him, so loss didn’t hurt much then. He said, “Khabib was better than me. I lost Saturday to somebody who I think I’m better than.”

Also, he said how rigorously he had trained for the battle, “I was away from home for nine weeks in training camp. I dieted 11 weeks, sacrificed so much, was really focused, man, was really, really focused, and felt great, the best I’ve ever felt. Honestly, the best I’ve ever felt.” 

Dustin Poirier on how he lost despite being better

 Poirer felt he lost to a great technique but said that he could have defended better. He said, "I got hit with a great shot — not by luck or chance, he set it up beautifully and I was just a victim to great technique. I was in the wrong place and I didn’t guard myself properly. But I felt very aware the whole fight. I feel like I’m better than him and I lost. That hurts. But that’s fighting and it is what it is. What can I do?”

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