Joe Rogan Cools Beef With "Extraordinary Human Being" Conor McGregor 

The UFC commentator famous for his top trending podcast and the Irishman famous for his master moves and trash talks have been beefing around for the past couple of months. But it looks like the dust has already settled. How? Let's find out.


After giving his unfiltered opinion on the Irishman's body transformation and inactivity, the 'JRE' host has now praised McGregor for his fight against Jose Aldo that took place seven years ago.

Rogan on McGregor's Inactivity and Drug Test

The UFC color commentator made certain claims about McGregor to pass a USADA drug test after seeing his dramatic body transformation. Rogan even blamed McGregor's inactivity for his past defeat against Dustin Poirier and his downfall.

Rogan's Recent Views
on McGregor

During a recent episode of his podcast 'JRE' the UFC color commentator hailed McGregor as an "extraordinary human being" and praised the historic dethroning of Jose Aldo that took place seven years ago.

What Did Rogan Say?

Rogan expressed his views on the Irishman's mind management and confidence. He said, "There’s very, very, very few of them that have ever walked the face of the earth that can do that in front of that many people and in that moment which is built up over months and months and months. He praised McGregor and further added "That’s mind management. That’s confidence, preparation, intelligence – emotional intelligence. There’s so many factors.”

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