Joe Rogan Criticized for Calling to Legalize Banned Strikes in MMA

The UFC commentator has a no-filter approach on various subjects and most of the time that has landed him in situations that are full of controversy. How did his recent take got dealt with? Let's find out.

The UFC color commentator sparked controversy with his take on back of headshots in MMA. Rogan expressed his views on legalizing back-of-head shots in MMA which has now received criticism on a large scale.


As per the UFC, in November 2000, it adopted Unified rules of MMA as per which things like hits to the back of the head and knees to downed opponents were looked upon as illegal.

What is the Rule as
per the UFC?

The social media users were also quite upset with Rogan's recent take on illegal MMA strikes. They took to Twitter to express their views. 

Social Media Uproar

From questioning Rogan's knowledge when it comes to biology and saying, "Tell me you don't know what a cerebellum is without telling me you don't know what a cerebellum is." to another user questioning his knowledge of combat sports and saying, "I don't understand how joe rogan knows more about combat sports than all of us combined but still has the most casual takes imaginable."

Michael Bisping during a recent Q&A session on his YouTube channel addressed the views that were expressed by Joe Rogan and disagreed with him.

What Did Bisping Say?

Bisping said, “I disagree. Yes, Junior Dos Santos did eat an elbow from Ciryl Gane. And by the way, I’m not arguing with Joe Rogan. I value his opinion. He’s been around this sport [for] a very very long time. So, you know, he has his opinion. I’m sure he can elaborate on it more.”

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