The comedian Bert Kreischer recently crossed paths with the UFC star Conor McGregor last month in Ireland. The chanced encounter turned out to be a vivid experience for the standup comic, who previously had joked about beating the Irishman. In addition, the meeting unfolded in a manner that passed the wildest imagination of the American host. When the podcaster entered The Black Forge Inn, the pub owned by ‘Mystic Mac’, the unanticipated presence of the owner caught him by surprise. However, he left the pub with a stack of snaps with the Crumlin native and hailed it “f*cking coolest”.

Incidentally, Kreischer is Joe Rogan’s close friend and has been on the JRE podcast several times. He even clicked a picture with McGregor’s mother.

Notably, the 50-year-old detailed the incident on the latest segment of his podcast, Bertcast # 562. Along with Shane Torres, Mark Smalls, and Lacie Mackey, he relived the destined meeting with ‘The Notorious’. In the podcast, the bunch recalled the night when they visited the famed pub and noticed the parked Royals Royce outside it.


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Bert Kreischer couldn’t fathom meeting Conor McGregor face to face

While the bunch dismissed the parked car as a gimmick, Mark Smalls pointed out how ‘The Machine’ had joked about the Dublin-born. Thus, he mentioned, “And leading up to it, you had made the joke on Two Bears. I think it was about like, “oh I can beat up Conor McGregor, right?”

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However, the host, who failed to notice the energy outside the bar, corrected his co-shot and specified, “I said I could beat up Nate Diaz definitely.”

As the actor entered the pub, the manager jotted down his order and sought whether he was open to meeting the “boss man”. But he conjured he was about to be introduced to the general manager or similar post holder. However, the former UFC champion emerged from a table nearby.

Dazed by the development, the reality TV host admitted, “I f*cking lost it and I went [while stammering] Conor McGregor, Conor McGregor!”

Kreischer brought forth the unexpected side of the ‘sweetest’ McGregor

Kreischer, still shocked, made a parallel with the reactions of his fans, who in a freaked-out state, tried to click pictures with him. Thus, he continued and stated, “And I freaked out and I have a video of me going, ‘Hold on. Never mind. Never mind’. And then Conor grabbed my camera and started taking pictures and I was like, thank you so much.”


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Following this, he and the UFC cash cow snapped a ton of frames together. Lastly, he expressed, “Then he [Conor McGregor] comes over and he’s the sweetest guy f*cking. Now he goes, ‘Hey thanks for coming’.”

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What do you think of this incident regarding the former UFC champion Conor McGregor? Do you believe Bert Kreischer could beat the Irish fighter in a bout? Let us know in the comments below.

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