MMA News Round-Up: Logan Paul Signs Prime Deal with UFC, Joe Rogan Speaks Against ChatGPT, Israel Adesanya Advises MrBeast & More

From brand new announcements, and talking about new technologies to offering support, here's everything that you need to know to be updated about from the world of MMA.

In a recent interview, Darren Till commented on Khamzat Chimaev and Pereira's upcoming fight. He expressed that Chimaev would secure the win rather easily. He said, “I’ll have to be honest. Khamzat will maul him… It’d be a 30-second fight. Khamzat would maul him."

Till on Chimaev vs. Pereira

The UFC fighter Israel Adesanya responded to Mr. Beast's tweet to express support. Mr. Beast's recent video received a massive backlash for which he later took to Twitter to express his take.

Adesanya's Advice to Mr. Beast

The UFC has recently made a big announcement by officially collaborating with Logan Paul. Logan Paul's drink Prime has become the UFC’s new Official Global Sports Drink Partner.

UFC Collaborates with

In episode #1934 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan hosted scientist and researcher Lex Fridman to discuss the new revolutionary technology. Rogan expressed his fear with the new artificial intelligence technologies and said, “What have your people done? Your AI people with this f***ing Chat GPT sh*t. This shit scares the f**k out of me.”

Rogan on ChatGPT     

Randy Couture revealed that he once gave advice to Francis Ngannou for his contract negotiations with UFC. He said, “If this is something that he believes for his well-being, his family, his career, he wants to stand up for, then by all means stand up.”

Couture on Ngannou's Exit

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