Tony Ferguson Aims to Take On Conor McGregor After Paddy Pimblett

Tony Ferguson, who held an impressive 12 win streak in the UFC, has been suffering back-to-back losses. He recently lost to Bobby Green and is set to fight Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296. The bout shall take place inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 16. Explore the intent of Fegurson for the upcoming fight where he aims to reverse his fortunes. 

Tony Ferguson looks forward to defeat Paddy Pimblet

Ferguson recently shared his analysis of his opponent and his belief in his own capabilities. 

He said, “I have nothing against the kid. Patrick seems like a pretty legit dude. He gets pretty big. His standup’s okay, but his ground game’s a lot better. I’m gonna be real. I love fighting internationals. It’s just cool, I love it.' 

 Further, he added, “Going after Khabib for a long time, going after McNuggets, this is about as close as it’s gonna get for right now. So, as soon as we get through this dude, we’ll go after Conor. Get signed on the dotted line and get through USADA.”

Ferguson’s defiance despite age and defeats

Tony recently shared confidence in his fighting acumen. He said, “I am a 39-year-old that’s faster than a lot of 21-year-olds.

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